Privacy Policy

Your personal information

The City of Richmond (the “City”) is committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information you provide to the City on the MyRichmond App (the “App”) is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the “Act”).

The City does not gather any personal information such as your name, phone number, street or email address from you without your consent.

Any personal information the City ask you to provide is collected in accordance with the Act. The personal information is being collected for the purposes of administering City services and to inform you of our services and benefits and will be used only for these purposes.

This information is only obtained if you are registering a customer profile in a secure portion of the App. The personal information the City may gather through the App includes the following.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth or confirmation for being in age of majority
  • Phone numbers
  • Mailing address
  • Consent to opt-in for email communication options from the City Information regarding your Recreation Online Registration Service’s Client ID and PIN in order to connect your profile with the recreation system.

Please be advised that the City will be sharing your personal information with third-party service providers who will be administrating City online services (the “Third Party Service Providers”). By providing your personal information to Third Party Service Providers you are consenting to allow such Third Party Service Providers to use your personal information for the purposes of providing online services. Other than as stated above, the City will not be sharing any personal information collected on the App with any third parties.

You are responsible for the regular maintenance of your personal information, to keep your personal information accurate and valid. There will be administrators who can access the data for operational housekeeping procedures and technical troubleshooting if problems arise when accessing the service.

Your personal information is stored in Canada at a data centre(s) protected by our secured network infrastructure, operational procedures and policy. Such security measures include, but not limited to:

  • Data transit between servers and clients is encrypted over the internet.
  • The City uses a firewall to protect all internal data from the internet.
  • Access to the data centre(s) is granted to limited Information technology (I.T.) staff, and is audited and Third Party Service Providers.
  • Access to the server is granted to limited City I.T. staff and is audited and Third Party Service Providers.

The collected personal information will be stored for as long as the registered customer profile stays active and not requested to be removed by you. After a profile is deleted, the data will be retained for up to a maximum of six years as a system backup file.

Volunteering your personal information online

The only time the City collect your personal information on this App is when you volunteer to give it to the City. This includes when you:

  • Register for a City customer profile for accessing online services
  • Send the City an email

By volunteering your personal information when registering for a City customer profile or sending the City your personal information in an email, you acknowledge your personal information may be used to enable access to other City online services. Designated City staff monitor the electronic mailboxes to answer your queries. Other than as stated herein, the City keep your information completely confidential. The City will not disclose, rent, share, or trade it with anyone else. The City will not use it to send you information that you did not specifically request.

Email newsletters

The City comply with Canada’s anti-spam law when you subscribe to our email newsletters. When you register for a customer profile, you have the ability to provide consent to receive materials sent from the City regarding our services and events. You will also have the ability to opt-out at any time via our online MyProfile self-service portal.

Reviewing registered recreation programs

The online service enables you to view your registered recreation programs associated with your current Recreation Profile on the City’s mobile app and internet. MyProfile, a self-service portal will automatically set up a personalized Recreation Profile. Your personal information will be stored with your account.

Viewing garbage collection schedules

The online service enables you to view the garbage collection schedules via the City’s mobile app. The garbage collection schedule is determined by the mailing address that you entered when registering a customer profile with the City.

Richmond BC Alert

Richmond BC Alert is a critical communications system that the City uses internally and externally (opt-in required) for the purpose of enhancing public safety. Types of alert can range from threat-to-life emergency alerts to nonemergency safety updates/notifications.

Should you choose to opt-in for emergency alerts/safety updates, you will be notified using the contact details you provided.

The personal contact details the City may collect include:

  • First name, Last name, and Email.
  • Phone numbers.
  • TTY number.
  • Addresses of interest for the notifications.

You hereby confirm that all personal information provided is your own personal information and not the personal information of another person. You may unsubscribe to the notifications at any time, but this will not remove your personal contact details from the system. If you wish to remove your personal contact details from the system, you will need to do so manually by logging on to the system, or you may request to remove your personal contact details from Richmond BC Alert at any time by contacting the City. When your personal contact details are deleted from Richmond BC Alert, it is retained for a maximum of 18 months for backup and audit purposes.

Why we collect this information

When you download the app on your device, depending on your software version, you will be asked to accept some permissions either the first time you download the app, or at the time you access specific features within the app. The following chart lists the permissions requested by the app and why:

Information we collectWhy we collect this information
Personal information you provide through the app or you have allowed the app to obtain.We collect your Personal information to provide you with certain services through our apps.
Geolocation: If enabled, the approximate physical location of your device.Depending on the app, we may need to know your location to provide you with location-based services (e.g. to help find a facility or park nearby). With your consent, we may also collect and use your location information to generate and notify you of events and offers.
IP address: A unique numerical label that identifies your device and allows it to communicate over a computer network.We use your IP address for purposes that include: – Communicating with your device – Providing you with services – Authentication and security (including fraud prevention) – Google Maps: We use Google Maps to provide location information that you request. When using the MyRichmond App, you agree to the collection, processing and storing of the data that is automatically gathered by Google LLC., its representatives and/or third parties. For more information, please visit https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/terms
Photos and/or cameraPhotos and/or camera are accessed, with your consent, to populate information relevant to certain transactions (e.g. to update an incident report)
Other device-related information: – Mobile device identification number (IMEI); – MAC address; – Device ID: A unique number that identifies your device; – Mobile phone number; – Make and model of your device; – Operating system of your device; – Information about your device’s screen size; – Date and time of your use of the mobile app.We use this information to: – Identify and communicate with your device (e.g., send push notifications) – Use and provision cards for Mobile Payment – Authenticate you and your device – Provide you with services compatible with your device – Perform analytics – Determine the eligibility of your device


What you can do

For your protection, the City strongly recommend that you do not provide your account information, user name, or password to anyone. If you become aware of any suspicious activity relating to your account, it is your responsibility to contact the City immediately.

App permissions

Certain permissions are required for the app to function correctly. When you download the app or access certain features, you are prompted to allow access to these permissions. The following table lists the required permissions:

CalendarAdd events to Calendar app
Location ServiceDisplay the direction from current location to the selected facility location.
Camera/PhotoTake photo or select a photo to update incident report.
BiometricUsed as a secondary authentication method after a user has entered the username and password, or as the main authentication method for returned users.
NotificationAllow push notification to be sent to the device

Policy Updates

The City reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and the City will inform you promptly of the changes.

Who to contact

You can contact the City about this policy at City of Richmond, 6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2C1 or please call the City Clerk’s Office at 604-276- 4007, and ask to speak with a Freedom Of Information (FOI) Coordinator.


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All comments, suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, or other information disclosed or offered to the City by this app, or in response to solicitations from this app (collectively, the “Comments“) shall remain the property of the City.

None of the Comments shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of the City, and the City shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of the Comments.

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