Managing your passkeys

Select “Sign-in & Security” in your left hand menu.

If you wish to add another passkey, click on the “Add Another Passkey” button. This will initiate a flow to guide you through adding a new passkey.

If you wish to rename / remove Passkeys, click on the “Manage Passkeys” button.

Upon clicking the “Manage Passkey” button, you will be directed to Manage Passkeys screen, which displays a list of existing passkeys associated with your account.

For each passkey listed:

  • To view additional options, click on the expand button associated with the passkey item.
  • A context menu will appear with two options:
    • Rename: Select this option to edit the name of the passkey.
    • Delete: Choose this option to remove the passkey from your account.
  • Perform the desired action(s) (rename or delete) as needed for each passkey listed.

Once you have completed managing your passkeys, you can navigate back to other sections by pressing the [⬅ Profile] button on the upper left, or log out of the MyRichmond online system as necessary.

Additional Tips:

Ensure that passkeys are managed securely and are not shared with unauthorized individuals.
Regularly review and update your passkeys to maintain security and access control.
If you encounter any issues or need further assistance with managing your passkeys, refer to the system’s help documentation or contact the MyRichmond support team.